Saturday, 12 November 2011

Over two years in the making, Pawleys Island could be considered the quintessential Coppice Halifax album. Started in 2008, and built via a year-long sifting process which was the Analog Botany series in 2009, Pawleys is a potent double-album that collects everything about a specific time and place and bottles it up in stylish colorful glass jars. Conceptualized as a representation of Brian's experiences in and around the actual Pawleys Island, a marshy coastal location just outside of Myrtle Beach, where Brian grew up, these recordings are a wistful kind of sad nostalgia for good times and bad times too. Building sandcastles as a child, going on school field trips to learn about marsh wildlife, partying with friends as a teen. Poolhopping, playing shows, pancake houses, warped cassettes in the car stereo, romance, hurricanes, shitty jobs, driving 40 minutes one-way to get back home, alone, at 3 AM, doing 60 through lampless country roads, mildly stoned, deep inside SAW 85-92, Cosmic Thing and "Kid For Today", zooming from the coastline to the country. Pawleys Island is the summation of all of these things, and more...musically it could be considered an apex of Brian's work within the dub techno template, but with lots of additional influences and flavors mixed in as well. Pawleys Island is an album about the bliss you find in missing things, and the comfort in being sad.
::Tibetan Black Magic:: (Street Art by CRYPTIK MOVEMENT)

Thanks: Eye Burfi

Podcast: Imaginary Forces - Uppstigande (Ascension)

01 Kenneth Kirschner - 100810
02 Alan Vega - Future Sex
03 Antti Rannisto - Ääniesineitä 7
04 Ilpo Väisänen - Asumaton
05 Pan Sonic - Uranokemia
06 Masami Akita & Russell Haswell - Fend Off Your Miserable Grief
07 Alvin Lucier - Bird & Person Dyning
08 The Ashante & Ewe of Ghana - Akom
09 Songhay Gulu Drummers (Niger)
10 Whitehouse - Dyad
11 Sleeparchive - 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
12 Autechre - pce freeze 28i
13 Sleeparchive - Hospital 03
14 Karl O'Connor & Mick Harris - We Can Elude Control
15 Autechre - LCC
16 Pan Sonic - Kierto
17 Closed Circuits - The River
18 Consumer Electronics - Grubbing
19 Sleeparchive - 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
20 Coil - Something
21 John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cornelia Van Rijswijk: Post-religion and proud of it

"Halloween may be over, but Post-Religion are keeping it creepy. The London-based collective, which includes graphic designer Cornelia Van Rijswijk and Arcade Pony Records manager Alex Wolf, just dropped a brand new mixtape packed full of the sort of stuff we drool over; from the #seapunk rave of Fire For Effect and Unicorn Kid to the foggy delights of Balam Acab and Young Cream, this one will keep the post-October depression at bay..."

Alva Noto / Byetone, Red House Arts Center 2009/06