Monday, 3 October 2011

DVS NME Presents Dark Science Electro: Guest Mix by DJ Robodum - B.A.S.S. Radio - 09.30.11 

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Mehatronik - 8bit Comp Machine
Dr Break - Sad Computer (Frustrated Dialog)
Boris Divider - Remote Operator
Anthony Rother - Don’t Stop The Beat (full audio version)
Kraftwerk - Tour De France (etape 2)
Modul Eve - Pale Blue Dot
Jeff Miles - The Bells
Spinks vs. Kalbata - Contact J (Dexorcist remix)
Illektrolab - Dirty Robot
Spinks - Anger Voltage
Galaxian - Pancake Wednesday
Chris Mccormack - What Kind Of Sound (part 1)
Robodrum - Mind Destruction
Badaszewski - C-Machine
Paul Blackford - We Have The Technology
Synapse - Blast Radius


Thanks: Tumblklaat!

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