Saturday, 29 October 2011

You know, everything is music. Existence is musical, completely; that is it’s spontaneous characteristic quality. Perhaps mathematics come that closest to translating reality in a continuity; Art is the best for human beings, for self-aware living creatures. And you know, we are all creative, existence, Nature, is creatively spontaneous-that is the natural action of life! Let’s see, for instance, existence is like this one great, eternally playing symphony, and you yourself are not separate from it. You could say you’re a song yourself, and this great never-ending cosmic symphony envelopes you, you fit right in, in perfect harmony. If you are in tune, living the unique song of life, your life, and it is harmonious with the external world, reality, than you are completely aligned with Tao, with the Dharma. Now, say, if you’re notes should fumble and you begin to teeter, the music ceases from being harmonious, existence ceases from being harmonious, this is simply because you have misaligned yourself with the greater song, the higher existential symphony; the Tao, the Dharma. This is where abnormalities occur, such as misery, it is an abnormality because it is a product of disorder, it is not natural, because if it was natural, in tune and aligned with the higher nature of this of which you are not separate from, there would be no misery, no disorder. It cannot be, the whole nature of life, of creative existence, is healthy; it is good and peaceful. The more in harmony you are with your own true self, and your greater self of which you are not separate from, the happier you are, the healthier you are, because there is no problem. By itself Nature functions as a dynamic order, rather than a disorder. Nietzsche once said that the universe was truly chaos,that is absolutely not true; he is only looking at the matter from one aspect which is essentially polarity, a dual unity, for there could be no orderliness if there were no disorderliness; so if that were so, there would be no universe, a cosmos cannot be a cosmos if it is not a cosmos. We do not live in some kind of unintelligent, utterly arbitrary world, the nature of reality transcends all knowledge itself, it is beyond signs and symbols, which is what our language is constructed off of, signs and symbols, in liner thought-patterns. Our universe is not linear, it is not two-dimensional, we know for a fact it is three, and perhaps many more, but the point is it cannot exist two-dimensionally, it is our thoughts that are two-demensional, so naturally, it would be a very silly thing to mistake reality for our thoughts, to identify ourselves with objects, with sense-forms. We can do so, for that is how the most beautiful things are created, how all art is created, but we must be aware that we can do both things simultaneously-thinking and living- without identify ourselves with anything that occurs within those two-realms of existence. For to live is to live in this body, and all composite things pass away, your body is as good as a corpse! And all thought is fundamentally maya, for it is two-demensional, linear. But this does not create a vacuum in your existence! For you are not your body, or your own thoughts, you are beyond that, consciousness transcends that. So, you see, there is no reason to fear death, for the only way you could do so is by identifying yourself with your body, which you are not; or your thoughts, memories, or whatever product of the abstract-ego, for it is two-demensional, which is what you are not. So there is absolutely nothing to fear! It is just another movement in this great symphony! This is why Zen is such an explosion of health, it gets right to the heart of the matter, and allows you to EXPERIENCE it for yourself. These truths do not exist only in the realm of thought, they can be experienced, one just has to be empty, silent, thinking, and aware-alert. Some people can’t do this comfortably, because they are not healthy, they have much garbage inside of them still, which is precisely why it is all the more necessary that they do it! You will be more healthy than you’ve ever been, because all it can do is make you healthy, it is absolutely in no conflict with the natural order of things, and at the same time transcends it. At the very core of your being, you will find nothing but emptiness, you will find out that you are not, for absolutely no dualities exist. Nothing is independent from anything, absolutely nothing. And since at the very core of your being, you are not, you are non-being, you permeate all existence, naturally; you are not separate from anything existentially. But at the same time, at a lower level, you are, the atman-the soul-is existent and felt, and therefore duality still exists, but at a deeper level, the deepest level, you are not-there is not duality, you are not separate from anything whatsoever for you cannot be, because you are not! You are absolutely empty, clear, transparent. Ah, yes, everything is like music; the songs may be different, but music is music.

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