Monday, 16 April 2012

Void (dark minimal 4x4) \m/\m/

Lights out. Speakers cranked.

Hot on the heels of my jungle mix last week comes this one. Couldn't be more different than the last mix. Had been harvesting tracks up of this nature for awhile now. Heard an excellent mix on Electronic Explorations that inspired me take the plunge.

Not going to lie, I am completely new to mixing this style. I can still identify with the cold and mechanical sound from the early Autechre,  Speedy J , LFO, Surgeon releases though. Music that put an exclamation point where there was previously a question mark for me. Cold, calculated, subconscious and textural.

This stuff is much harder to mix than it sounds. I know I underestimated it until I tried. I think anybody else who has tried their hand at this will attest to that also. Have a listen..



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